Length: 290 cm Width: 203 cm Height: 224 cm
Weight: 130 kg Frame: Heavy-duty 6,5 cm tubular steel,
galvanized Coating: 3-layered powder coating
Lounger: adjustable, UV-resistant/rain-proof, canvas look,
offers lower lumbar support
Seats: Durable cover in canvas look
Leg rest: infinitely extendable
Neck rest: UV-resistant/rain-proof comfort cushion made
of molded polyethurane
Tables: 2 tables in wooden look
Canopy: 4-step adjustable, quick assembly, removable.
UV and stain resistant, canvas look
Colour: Mocca / Walnut

Washable surface with comfort cushion

4-step adjustable canopy

4- step adjustable lounger

Large side tray in wood

Unique relaxation

To fly into space astronauts adopt an optimal lying posture, in which the body rests in a totally relaxed way. With Sunset Swing RELAXIO you will discover this incredible feeling how your spine completely relaxes.


The health effect

If your ankles are higher than the heart, lymph and blood can easily drain. Do something good to your legs and your lower body by enjoying the astronaut‘s position. RELAXIO bridges the gap between relaxing swing and a healthy lounger.


Keeps you swinging and swinging and swinging ....

Patented “Forever Swing“ technology

Natural ambience for casual relaxing

Natural shades and a soft design language turn RELAXIO into a special garden highlight.

Here again: together, but still individual

Both swing loungers are supported by their own ball bearings so that each person may swing in her own rhythm. The small
distance between the swing chairs permits nevertheless a maximum of proximity. If both seated, both lying or one seated,
it does not matter – RELAXIO offers all kind of possibilities.



Delight your guests with unforgettable moments of relaxation. Distinguish your hotel terrace
from the standard and create a luxurious design ambience.
365 days of pure swinging pleasure for your guests.